Student Life

Community Involvement

VSA's Community Service initiative, Shilp Sparsh, aims at contributing to rural development in the form of a social service that enables our student body to learn as they teach.

The most effective way of learning is through practice. By making the learning process tactile, we minimize the chance of not understanding concepts and maximize exploration. At the completion of every activity, we collect written evaluation of the experience to solidify learning.

We take utmost care to protect the self-esteem of every student involved in the activities. Our students are briefed about the objective and the activities are monitored by teachers who observe and provide assistance where necessary.

To help smoothen social integration, our students are taken to these schools scattered beyond the city limits. Their learning experience grows exponentially on an unfamiliar turf. In order to make this a two way process, we also arrange for the students from partner schools to experience a day at Vidyashilp.

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