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07 July 2018

School Birthday


Vidyashilp Academy turned 23 this year. And the school geared up to celebrate by observing a week-long E-waste Drive in association with Wastecraft, an NGO aiming to spread awareness about e-waste and its hazards. The NGO, collects e-waste to recycle and upcycle to create a range of safe-to-use products and the revenue generated helps provide solar lighting to remote villages in India. The school participated in this drive and also discussed the severe ecological impact of e-waste.

A Special Assembly and School Birthday Wall are dedicated to all the Shilpites, Parents, Educators and Non-teaching staffs who have been contributing their best for the institution to reach this milestone today.

Over the years Vidyashilp Academy has been recognized worldwide for its unique curriculum and teaching practices. The school is also a Happy School whose values are streamlined to bring in the 4 C's of learning: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration, to make learning meaningful, engaging and productive. 


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