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13 June 2018

Visit to People's Trust

Shilpites visit the People's Trust - an NGO founded in 1982, works for the welfare and development of rural poor in India with particular emphasis on children and women.

Lyza Christopher, 10A shared her experience with us -

"Students of Grade 10A, 10C and 10G visited the People’s Trust. It became quickly obvious that the children there were extremely were polite and humble in the way they carried themselves; a product of their circumstances. The grasp they have of their language – Kannada – is incredible. To hear them talk is an experience in itself.

The groups that traveled to the People’s Trust today were equipped with all kinds of things to teach the children. There was a model volcano, origami paper, charts, and worksheets, to name a few. One group even had a light bulb. The topics were even more versatile. Symmetry, Chemistry, Essay Writing, Biology – the list is endless. And it is safe to say that as much as the children learned from us, we learned so much from them.

On the premises of the school is a sanitary napkin manufacturing centre, set up by an NGO. It provides inexpensive sanitary napkins to the girls and women of nearby villages, at Rs. 25 per pack of 10. We saw the process of manufacturing, which took place in a small room and was carried out by a team of three or four women. As well as this is an eye hospital, which, as we were informed, was the centre for the weekly eye check-up camps that took place. Oyster mushrooms the size of saucers grew in small plastic bags in yet another building, and this was just another in the legion of methods that People’s Trust employed to enhance the skills of the villagers.

The location itself is enveloped in greenery. It is well maintained, and during the few hours spent there, the rush of Metropolitan Bengaluru was all a dream.

Returning to school, reminiscing about the wonderful children we met, was probably the best part of the entire trip."


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