Learning at Vidyashilp

The Vidyashilp Approach

Education at Vidyashilp goes beyond the confines of a textbook. Our focus lies in enabling students to learn from application and experience, and inculcate critical thinking from the very start.

Our commitment towards imparting exceptional academic learning thrives from a well-structured and well-rounded educational program. By looking beyond textbooks and homework, we have formulated modules that are designed to mentor students by challenging them to execute and learn from their outcomes.

The Vidyashilp Academy is affiliated with CICSE and CIE. The school has its own in-house developed project based curriculum till grade 5 in Phase 1, after which the students are choose between IGCSE or ICSE curriculum for secondary schooling in Phase 2, from grades 6 to 12.

We are committed towards facilitating academic excellence and developing every student's social and cognitive skills in the process. Our constantly evolving curriculum is designed to make learning as interesting and interactive as possible from the day students start school till the day they graduate.

[must mean] an all-round drawing of the best of the child in mind, body & spirit"

- Mahatma Gandhi

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