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20 July 2019

Vidyashilp Academy Through Vidyashilp Community Trust Adds New Dimension to its Vision

Vidyashilp Academy Through Vidyashilp Community Trust Adds New Dimension to its Vision

Vidyashilp Community Trust inaugurated its 21 adopted Government schools at the Government Higher Primary School Byatarayanapura

The guest of honor Dr. P. Dayananda Pai - Chairman and Managing Trustee of Vidyashilp Academy lit the lamp in the presence of the Principals, community members, stakeholders, key government representatives and the members of the adopted schools. The trust is the community outreach program of Vidyashilp Academy, primarily founded to address the growing concerns related to the dearth of skill-based education and curriculum upgrade that exists in most Government schools.

 The trust was created to fill the gaps in education, in the local and Indian context which focuses on high-quality, low-cost and replicable interventions and to address them in the existing education system. 

Vidyashilp Community Trust has spearheaded these programs with its strength of volunteers who work on providing age-appropriate learning with a broad curriculum, based on active learning that exposes students to a variety of subjects such as languages, mathematics and development of skills.

Speaking on the momentous occasion, Ms. Kiran Pai, Director, Vidyashilp Academy, said, "The Indian education format at the higher level is moving towards a learner-centered shift, students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning outcomes. Lecture-based class formats are giving way to collaborative learning models. Students graduating from secondary schools will face a huge gap which is difficult to bridge without a strong foundation early on. As a community, we are happy to be the facilitators for the future generation of Government school children. Their dreams are big and we take the responsibility to make it a reality." 

This year, the Trust has an extensive plan to upgrade its learning space through visual appeal, volunteer for learning better and provide necessities to nurture with the right opportunities. The focus for the 21 government schools in the N4 region of Bengaluru has begun seeking participation from within the community, by building partnership engagements.

The news was published on PTI (Press Trust of India)