Learning at Vidyashilp

Primary School

Every child is unique, not just in terms of their personalities, but also in terms of how they react to different methods of teaching. And at VSA, we keep in mind the individuality of every student and the different ways in which they apply themselves.

VSA's primary school system does not gauge a child's understanding and ability solely on the basis of syllabus-based exams. We do not send our students back home to finish piles of homework. Till grade 6, we monitor their progress through continuous evaluations where the aim is to draw the focus away from and shift it towards learning concepts and developing valuable skillsets.

Our educators pay close attention to the academic and non-academic growth of every student. Students are given the opportunity to find their own way around a problem. This turns learning into a conducive, two-way process which ensures that students enjoy the learning process and stay as inquisitive as ever.

"Education [must mean] an all-round drawing of the best of the child in mind, body & spirit"
- Mahatma Gandhi

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