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Student Entrepreneurship : Shilpreneurship

Great ideas can change the world. And instilling this belief into the student body at an impressionable age like theirs, is key. In the context of entrepreneurship, we help them understand the intricacies of marketing/sales strategies, production processes and accounting, among other nitty-gritties of running a business and following an idea to fruition.

Through this initiative, students learn to follow their passion, sharpen their skills and become confident individuals. By learning how a company functions and by being an integral part of the decision making process, they learn to objectively analyze ideas.

Our faculty provide students with any support that they need and helps them formulate strategies to defend their business model in the form of presentations.

Shilpreneurship aims at shaping confident and articulate leaders that are not afraid to experiment, and are comfortable breaking out of their comfort zone.

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