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     It is a universally agreed fact that the youth can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of a country. No country is better equipped to do this than India. India has a population of 1.2 billion, and approximately 600 million of them are below the age of 25. That accounts for nearly 50% of the population. But for 600 million to work, 600 million must be inspired first. So how do we do this?

     With over 11 religions, 22 recognized languages and an infinite number of political views, India’s population are as diverse as can be. Democracy is the only way and parliament is home to every opinion from each and every corner of India. Youth involvement in shaping Indian politics predates the post-colonial age and this involvement has only accelerated over the last several decades from the Mandal Commission to the creation of India’s 29th state – Telangana and many more.

     The initiation of youth in politics starts in college, but getting a head start can never hurt. In only 3 more years, students appearing for their Board Exams will be eligible to cast their first votes. So let’s start by giving them a forum to voice their opinions and create a generation of thinkers upholding values of Respect, Integrity, Spirit and Excellence. This is especially important when the ideals of tolerance and the acceptance of the “Other” are facing a threat in the world’s largest democratic country.

     As the writer and political activist, Arundhati Roy quotes, “We need a new kind of politics. Not the politics of governance, but the politics of resistance of joining hands across the world and preventing certain destruction.”

     With an aim of inculcating a just and a fair voice for the next generation of India, VSA will be conducting the VSA Interschool Model Parliament – 2019.

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